Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Without Doubt?

Without doubt. That to me is really interesting. Living in a post-modern world where truth with a capital "T" is not always accepted, the idea of having no doubt is forgein. My faith is comprised of doubt. Chapter 8 says that salvation is attained by focusing on the Divine, remwmbering the Divone. Is that essentially focusing on the self and oneness of creation? This reading facilitated more questions than anything. In any case it sounds similar to still fluctuations. Moreover, in the christian tradition Brahmans claim to salvation is similar to Jesus': devotion, faith, etc. Constant meditative thought.
At first I thought well isn't this life abt experiencing life and the people in it? Previous reading regards this life asLiving as a spiritual being having a human experience. Thinking more it prompts me to say well perhaps in this human experience we forget our nature becoming too attached to this life. What does that nean though? How can one gain by experience but not become attached? What abt things like love?


  1. I think you pose some very good questions. It's a good reading when you leave with more questions than you started out with, although it can be frustrating sometimes when you don't get all the answers! This post is causing me to think about your questions as well, good job!

  2. I agree! I definitely left this reading in a pensive and reflective state. I've actually been discussing these questions with old friends from home. I think these are questions I will be pondering for a while!