Monday, November 21, 2011

Legend of Bagger Vance

I really enjoyed watching the Legend of Bagger Vance. The ties to the Gita were undeniable. Junah similar to Arjuna sees his comrades fall in war, prompts him to give up on "the game," needing to regain his swing. Aside from the obvious allusions to the Krishna and Arjuna through names and trade, allusions to the battlefield and war the relationship between the two parrallels that of Krishna and Arjuna. Teacher and disciple is displayed beautifully in the movie. Bagger Vance appears an all-knowing character that equips Junah with the tools necessary to navigating the field; game playing as an end in it's own right. This individualized "swing" alludes to the "way" chronicled in The Gita.
Bagger Vance exudes Divine patience. In the movie Junah is stumbling through the field, through life making mistakes. Even after moments of clarity and "right swing" his arrogance impeded him. Bagger's attempts to steer him is never intrusive, nor prying. He is there, as he always has been, similar to the nature of Krishna. Each individual "way" can only be discovered by that individual. No one can find it for you. For Junah, Bagger couldn't find the swing for him, or see it for him. However, by his submission to Bagger's direction and teachings, practice and focus he did reclaim his "swing" (actualizing the way)
Overall, the movie was a nice way to connect the Gita on a more proximal plane. I'd be down to watch it again!

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  1. glad you enjoyed it. I really liked the movie a lot for all the reasons you mention.