Sunday, September 4, 2011

Vritti and Practice.

A common idiom comes to mind in reagrds to my involvement in Yoga and our discussion of Vritti in class: The more you know, the more you know you don't know. I believe this to be case. Learning about the types of Vritti's has made me cognizant of the countless Vrittis in my life. Furthermore, although I know that 5 Vritti's exist, I still do not think I understand what each one encompasses due to it's broad nature. I guess I know that I experience each type of Vritter, but to what extent; I'm not exactly sure.

In regards to my practice. My posture is steadily increasing. I believe I have to work especially hard at maintaining my posture because I am top heavy. The amount of strain that standing erect puts on my back is something I think will lessen with practice. Since class I have also been made more aware of my balance. My ankles tend to roll outward. When I am aware of my balance, I adjust. So sometimes in public I can seem a little "spazzy."

I went home this weekend to go out with my sister for her 22nd birthday. Upon waking up this morning I was a little sore and stiff from the dancing last night. I awoke to find my little brother sitting on the couch stretching out his back. He's a football player and often times is in pain, or stiff. So I asked him if he wanted to do some yoga poses with me. We started with Tadasana, which he mastered like a champ. Then I told him we would try downward facing dog. This was a sight to see! For lack of better words, my little brother is a beast. Standing at 5'6'' (much taller than me) he is a solid 180 lbs of muscle. He was born to put on them pads! Yet, for all his strength, he is not the most flexible of guys. So watching him trying to bend, legs straight, arms extended brought about laughter to us this morning. Needless to say he gave up and said he'd try again later. Despite me trying to show him how to push his weight into his legs by using all those muscles of his, he remained on his tiptoes.

Coming home is always eventful. My family is large, very loud and very passionate. So even after just a night and a rather comical morning I need a little time to collect my thoughts. The wall pose is calling me!

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  1. glad to see you are sharing yoga already. Great description of your brother in Adho Mukha Svanasana. I can totally picture it.