Monday, September 19, 2011

Yoga and music

Before I actually get into my pracitce blog. I would just like to say that after class on last Tuesday, I believe, my hips were crazy sore! They rotated in directions they have never seen. I started playing racquetball again as well so the combined effects led to some pain this past week. Thus the restorative poses that we ended with on Thursday were great!
I have two tests this week, so I did quite a bit of studying this weekend. Usually I study with chilled out background music. My basic routine was study for two hours break for one. During those two hours though, I would sometimes get a bit restless. So I would do some standing poses as well as more restorative ones. The argument could be made that the music could stir the fluctuations of mind, however I found that it accentuated my yoga practice. Provided a seamless transition between studying and breaks. I think this will be a routine for the rest of my studies this year.

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  1. glad you are finding ways to integrate yoga into your study routine! I have found music quite helpful from time to time.