Monday, October 10, 2011

Hips Don't Lie

I haven't been able to do inversions this week, but I have been practicing, pranayama. It really does call for a great deal of control. Breathing - such a fundamental, involuntary action - when controlled yields great change in the dynamic of the body. I think more than anything else we've done thus far in (besides shoulder stand) the breathing exercises have served best at quieting my mind and forcing me to focus in on one aspect of life and honestly just stop the constant buzzing of life.

I had one question about hips (hence the title). When we did asana that one week where we rotated our hips and such, during the asana practice it felt great. However, afterwards my left hip bothered me a bit. It had actually been bothering me but I think the moving around agitated it. It was fine for a while and now it is once again a little painful. It's mostly when I go from a sitting to a prone position that it begins to feel painful. My hips naturally pop, but for several weeks my left one hasn't been. I guess my question is what poses should I do to get this left hip to act right?

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  1. I'll talk about this tuesday. Bascially, you need to lift the weight of the pelvis off the hips. it's ongoing work. I like the title. Hips don't lie. the not popping can be a good thing... could be getting more stable.